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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

See how you react on what you eat.

It is a worthwile experiment to watch your reaction on what you eat.

Healthy Food

The dose makes the poison. Basically there is no difference between a piece of sausage and a leaf of salad.

Easy to do

Yes, nutrition is important however it is not a religion. By being aware how you rect on cooked food versus raw or different staples your proper diet reveils itself. You will find simple principals on nutrition on p. 64 of the Ebook.

Sadhguru's Yogic Superfood recipe

Take a handful of groundnuts (soaked in water 6 to 8 hours). Put them in the blender. Add a little water. Add fruit (banana goes well) and honey as you like. Churn till it becomes like a porridge. Add more water if you want it like a milkshake. One large glass of groundnut banana shake can easily keep you going for a few hours. It’s a good, easy-to-prepare breakfast. You can have it ready in three minutes and finish it off in the next two minutes.

Get Inspired

If you like to find out more about nutrition and the other elements of a better life go ahead and check out my ebook SPIRITUAL PUNK


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