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  • Can I follow the guiding on my own?
    Yes. When it is not recommended to go deeper without counseling or personal guidance it is specifically stated as e.g. in the use of Kundalini sadhanas.
  • Can I just use single elements like the breathwork to "get high on my own suply"?"
    Yes. Although the yogic system has to be treated as a whole it does not hurt to use it as a starting point.
  • Can I improve my physical and mental health ?
    Yes. There are numerous scientific studies to support that claim and some of those are cited in the Ebook. The positive effects for depression patients for instance are profound. The rewiring of breathing has a substantial effect on the imune system.
  • Is spirituality not a little bit too esoteric?
    Yes, it can be. The nonconformist but on the scientific method grounded approach by Spiritual Punk provides a safe platform to reach out to get information outside this realm.


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