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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1968 to an Austrian mother and German father he spent his first three years in Argentina speaking only Spanish. After a short transition period in Belgium he got his education in Austria and attended the Universities of Vienna and Salzburg where he graduated at law school. At the same time, he considers himself to be a punk rock and his holy grail of rock’n’roll insignia contains a backstage pass signed by Joey Ramone. Thus taking an punk or off-mainstream approach.

In 1994 he had his first contact with the spiritual world visiting a shaman in the Ecuadorian jungle. A year later he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 6 months to live. This made him question the foundation of his life and whether maximizing profits is an answer to the questions arising. It was the turning point in his life. 

Spiritual Punk by Tom Rudow is a blog and Ebook guide to spirituality. The path is layed out by the elements Gratitude, Breathwork, Meditation, Mantras, Dreams and Archetypes, Yoga, Movement, Beauty and Nutrition.

The approach is down to earth, practical and based on science. The goal is to deliver techniqes of a better life.

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