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SPIRITUAL PUNK by Tom Rudow - THE ESSENCE, Verse 16, Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

These few sentences are the essence of meditation.

It seems to me that the use of the word Tao here can be seen as a synonym for the whole yogic culture on which Buddhism is founded. That might make me an heretic in the eyes of some. On the other hand I am Spiritual Punk and interested in the truth of techniques and not doctrines.

If the dogma stands in the way of your spirituality: get rid of it.

However keep the ancient wisdom embedded in works like the Tao, Veda, Bible, Talmut or Quran to name a few.

Do it!

Whatever way you choose to incorporate meditation into your daily lifestyle.

The advantage of the Vipassana method is it's simplicity. You can start anytime and anywhere. You allready have what you need: Breath and your mind to focus on it.

Basics of Meditation

The principle method of meditation is to sit cross-legged and close your eyes (for that makes it easier, you can also sit on a chair, lie or even walk), concentrate on your breathing (an object every human being has available at no cost) and be aware. Naturally your concentration

will be distracted by thoughts, feelings or sensations in general. The Vipassana method let’s you ask three questions: 1 what is it? 2 how strong is it? 3 how long does it take? Before gently redirecting your focus on the breathing.

Daily Try

Don't be too harsh on yourself.

If you can discipline yourself to a daily try no matter how long, just an honest try, you are on

the right path. On page 37 of the Spiritual Punk Ebook the process is described in detail.


If you like to dig a little deeper go ahead and check out my ebook Spiritual Punk.


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