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The Roman poet Juvenal allready knew: a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Your body is your machine

Keep your body reasonably fit to allow your mind to be focused.

Easy to do

The level of movement you need to maintain your well being differs for a variety of reasons. Your bodytype and occupation play a major role. If you sit at a desk for hours you might need stretching and a cardiovascular workout to counter. A little is better than nothing.

You create time for yourself by movement

It could simply be walking and light yoga. By openeing the door to movement you can go with the flow and increase the intensity if you like. Surfing is a good example where an easy going session might turn into a full fledged workout by changing conditions in the water.

If the goal is to increase your wellbeing you create time by maintaining your machine: Often pain and anxiety will be reduced and meditation wil be easier.

Get Inspired

If you like to find out more about movement and the other elements of a better life go ahead and check out my ebook SPIRITUAL PUNK


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