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Access your unconciousness by looking at your dreams.

Dreams are a valuable source to find out what it is that you realy want .


Encoded combined knowledge of our acestors lies within you.

Easy to do

Just observe as the right hemisphere of the brain tries to communicate with you through dreams when structural errors in the left hemispheres' concept of the world appear.

Dream Interpretation

Once you know about the archetypes it becomes clear how the problemsolving mechanisms stored in the form of stories in your genes offer solutions. Whenever the structure of the world as we logically constructed it fails these archetypes come forward in our dreams to give us an opportunity to handle the problems as possibilties. You will find an example of an interpretation on p. 47 of the Ebook.

Get Inspired

If you like to find out more about dreams & archetypes and the other elements of a better life go ahead and check out my ebook SPIRITUAL PUNK

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